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Max Heating Volume (m³) 164

Nominal Efficiency (kW) 7,2

Min Power (kW) 2,3

Nominal Power (%) 87

Reduced Power Output (%) 87

Max Pellet Consumption (kg/h) 1,7

Min Pellet Consumption (kg/h) 0,5

Capacity Deposit Pellets (Kg) 15

Weight (kg) 137

Chimney Diameter (mm) 80

Needed Depression In The Fireplace (pa) 12

Maximum Noise Level (Db) 49,9

Autonomy Min/Max (h) 9h - 30h

Air Flow Fan Multiplexable (m³/h) 135

Flow Fan Load Loss (Pa) 280

Efficiency 87 %

Rated power 7 kW

Autonomy deposit min-max 9h-30h

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